Day Twenty-One

Auuuuugh. I feel like someone threw me out of a truck. Going 60 mph on the highway. I walked for a half-hour this morning at 6 AM. Did 8 Minute Abs. Arrived at school at 9 AM. Did weight training for two hours from 9 AM – 11 AM. Nautilus circuit, Gravitron, free weights, push-ups, […]

Interlude: ISNA Survival Guide

Salaams! I title this A Brief Guide to Surviving ISNA, from mine own experience. Write down/print EVERYTHING. Directions, maps, layouts, programs, numbers, schedules, registration confirmation, whatever you need. Remember to print directions COMING BACK, as well. A good map of DC is crucial, especially if you want to get some sight-seeing in. Underpack. Ladies, I’m […]

Day Eighteen

Walked 5 miles today! Woohoo. I stopped by to see the peacocks near our house. This lady has about 30 peacocks on her property. They are so beautiful, masha Allah. I wasn’t sure if they’d be out because it was pretty late in the morning. I heard them before I saw them. Two males actually […]

Day Seventeen

Walked this morning for 45 minutes. I traced my route, and it came out to be just shy of 3 miles. Go me. After I arrived home I did 8 Minute Abs and 8 Minute Stretch. I had eggs for breakfast, an apple, and some green tea. Went to Barnes and Noble, ostensibly to study. […]

Day Sixteen

My muscles is tore up. I feel like someone threw me out of a moving vehicle. Arrived at school at 9 AM for weight training class. Did about 15 minutes of intense cardio and then completed an entire circuit of weight training in about 45 minutes. Then I did about 5 minutes of cardio on […]

Day Fourteen

Just finished watching New Muslim Cool with the family. Awesome. Today was the first day of weight training class. We got warmed up with 30 minutes of cardio (3 minutes on the versaclimber, 5 minutes on the stairstepper, 5 minutes on the rowing machine, 5 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the cross-trainer, and […]