Assalamu Alaikum!

Assalamu Alaikum World, and it’s many and sundry inhabitants! I’ve joined the blogosphere!

Now, you may think that my blog title, “Running Muslimah,” indicates that I’m a Muslimah (Muslim woman) who runs, correct?


The truth is, I WANT to run. The 3 laps I jogged around the track at school today don’t count. (Well, they do count, but I want to do it on a consistent basis!)

This is my dream, my goal: To run everyday, for 1 hour. Insha Allah (God willing!)

I made this blog because I want to share it with you, my dear reader. Perhaps you are a Muslim woman who has dreams of fitness, too!

Join me on my journey…beginning tomorrow. It’s 11:30 PM and I ain’t fit to run anywhere except the Land of Dreams.


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