Dah…durrrr…OMG NO WORKOUT TODAY! *cowers, waits for bolt of lightening* Stopped to fill up gas, and when I went in the cashier asked me where I was from. Ugh, ignorant Amkreeki, I thought. “DC,” I said curtly. “No, really, where are you from?” Oh. My. God. “Like I said, Washington, DC.” His eyebrows knit quizzically. […]

Thoughts and shoutouts!

My friend, co-worker, and author of Finding Allah, recently decided that she is ready to take the next step and declare her Shahada (declaration of faith). We didn’t try to cram an ideology down her throat, we didn’t throw a bunch of books at her head, we didn’t attempt to frighten her with images of […]

Legs. Are. Numb.

Earlier today I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes with my student, and we did crunches on the stability ball in the fitness center at school. Didn’t run today (much), but I did walk almost 5 miles today in the evening. Took me about 75 minutes. I’ve quickly realized that running everyday wreaks havoc […]

It's really happening.

I’ve been reading up on techniques for marathon training, and I’ve read about the run/walk method, but right now what seems to be working for me is:

1. Run until I want to die.
2. Walk until I don’t.
3. Run until I want to die.
4. Walk until I don’t.
5. Rinse, repeat.

Lovely, no?

Four hours!

Worked out for four hours today. Two hours of weight training, two hours of kickboxing. Had a grand and somewhat long delayed epiphany that just in case I don’t get into university this year, I should still sign up for college classes that will fulfill my pre-requisites. (I’ve been in denial.) Spent the last 40 […]