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Day Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six

I lost 3 lbs at ISNA! Walking everywhere combined with eating on the go = weight loss!

Saturday morning after Fajr I walked to the White House and Monument. The streets were so deserted, and so peaceful. I felt like I had the city to myself. Just cops everywhere getting prepared for the July 4th crowds later that evening. I saw a lot of homeless guys sleeping on benches and in corner nooks. One guy was literally sleeping under a cardboard box outside a Versace boutique. I wanted to take a picture to show the dichotomy of the scene but I felt it was in bad taste. Poor guy.

More from me later. Welcome to Week 5!


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six”

  1. As salamaualaykum,

    We met at the ISNA bazaar. I’m laughing in good taste as I scroll through your blog. I’ve always had a dream to be a runner as well. I was doing really well for about 2 months (lost weight as well), but i didn’t keep up. I told myself the other day, I need to start running again. Insha’Allah, I’ll be consistent like you as well.

    Great writing! Keep in touch!

    1. Wa alaikum assalam Anum,
      Were you the one doing the artwork? I’m so glad you like the blog!

      It’s never too late to start again. Remember, the best thing is to start small and remain consistent!

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