Apologies! Many, many apologies.

Salaams everyone, sorry I disappeared on you all for an unprecedented amount of time. We finally hooked up the internet in the new house, so I’m back, bebuhs. My workout schedule has gone to ground since three things happened simultaneously: 1) I started school at a very large, very new campus, 2)we moved into the […]

I'm still alive!

Salams everyone, Just popping in to let you all know I’m still here, I didn’t abandon Running Muslimah. With moving into the new house, getting my things squared away for university, and having no internet access at home, things have been kinda crazy. My mouth waters every time I drive past the Rec Center…insha Allah […]

Lazy Sunday.

Today, I did pretty much nothing. Didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything. Which was pretty sweet. No workout either, which I felt bad about but I’m still feeling strung-out from yesterday so I think I’ll be okay. At the 5K, Ms. Bonaparte‘s assigned number was 1948. “The same year Qaid-e-Azam (founder of Pakistan) passed away!” […]