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A new addition to our dysfunctional family…

…Ms. Finding Allah took her shahada today! Despite being shuffled from one end of the masjid to the other and finally climbing up a flight of stairs to end up in the room where the new Muslim classes are usually held…It was beautiful and wonderful and I’m so glad I was there to see it.

After that we went to the Turkish gyro place and then The Sister, Ms. Finding Allah, her BF and I went to see my grandma in the hospital. She had a heart attack last night. She’s staying in the new tower they built on the hospital. I secretly call it Saruman’s Tower because it’s so ominous looking. That place is pimped out, though. Big, wide screen plasma TVs that also double as a computer, wireless keyboard so you can go online from your hospital bed, shades that rise and fall at the push of a button, hot male nurses…er, okay maybe that’s just me. But seriously, they assigned a male nurse to my grandma! My cousin was like, “Out of a 90% female nursing staff, they had to assign a male nurse from the last 10%?”

Almost died trying to find a place to park when got there. The Sister was on the phone with my mom and she was leading poor Ms. FA and BF in circles. At one point she stopped right as she had turned into a roundabout, with Ms. FA and BF stuck in the street behind us with incoming traffic.We were practically screaming at each other in the car until we finally got into the garage. When we pulled up to the ticket kiosk my sister said, “First 15 minutes free? That’s what I’m talking about baby!” Behind us we could hear Ms. FA’s BF laughing hysterically. Suddenly we burst out laughing. When we finally parked I got out and pantomined kissing the ground.

This morning I met Ms. Bonaparte at our college at 8 AM. Well, I was there at 8 AM, and Ms. B decided to show up at 8:45…Desi standard time. 😛 I warmed up on the CrossTrainer and did leg presses and some Gravitron while I was waiting for her, so it wasn’t in vain. We played tennis for a bit and then ran the perimeter of the school.

Now that it’s evening I feel like I didn’t work out today even though I did…I was going to go out but I’m exhausted. I think I’ll listen to my body right now.

I cooked some veggie curry today. Red onion with green peppers, tomatoes, garlic and spiiiiiiices. Brain loving spices, yum. I hardboiled two eggs and cut them into the curry so the boiled yolk mixed with the veggies and made  ’em nice and creamy. So delish.

I’ve been skimping on my vitamin C so I went and got grapefruit, oranges and lemons. Today I had two oranges, one grapefruit, and one lemon’s worth of fresh squeezed juice. It’s been helping me especially now that I’ve decided to stop drinking caffeine. *sniff* I’m gonna miss my perfectly crafted cup of tea…with two cardamom pods, a dash of cinnamon, honey…soy milk…tea…mmmmm. Ok, ONCE in a while is alright, no?



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