Fuzzy dice.

Drove to the downtown masjid with my mom, fuzzy dice dangling from the rear view mirror alongside my 99 Names of Allah hangy-thingy, feeling like a total baller. (Yes, complete stress on the “er.” Inside joke with my sister.) Ms. Bonaparte won it for me at the milk can toss at VCC’s Matador Day because […]


For blogging under the name “Running Muslimah,” I sure haven’t been doing a whole lot of running, have I? Well, I ran today! Ms. Bonaparte and I ran until we wanted to die, walked until we didn’t, ran until near fatal heart palpitations, rinse, repeat. It was beautiful. Earlier this morning, at 8 AM, I […]

101° F. In October. I thought it was fall? As in, falling temperature?

So Florida is living up to it’s status of “in like a lion, out like a lamb” regarding the summer temperatures. Kinda turns the metaphor on it’s ear, because in this case it’s the HOT temperatures that are refusing to go. I was driving home from school yesterday and one of the various LCD screens […]