Al-Maghrib Separation Anxiety.

So, call me crazy, but I have been hallucinating (auditory and visual!) AlMaghribies all week. I’m sitting in the library and my ears just perked up hopefully because I swore I heard our Al-Maghrib Ameerah’s voice…but of course it wasn’t her.

I keep seeing fellow AlMaghribies out of the corners of my eyes and when I turn to look, it’s always someone else.

I just want to angst out, like majorly. Yet I refuse. Insha Allah we will be reunited again.


1 thought on “Al-Maghrib Separation Anxiety.”

  1. It’s like a jinn following you. But then again,

    “Allah would never disgrace you…” -Khadijah consoling Muhammad (Saw) when he thought a jinn possessed him.

    Call me crazy but I think that i’ve diverted this seemingly widespread Almaghrib withdrawal virus because I’ve been listening to Muhammad Alshareef’s “Touched by an Angel, Tafseer Juz ‘Amma” lecture series. 🙂 try to confide in IlmCast.com, or HalalTube.

    Tho, this still makes me question the effectiveness of an “Eman Rush”.

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