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Rainy Workout and Chai

On Friday, I thought it would be a great idea to go to the gym. In the pouring rain.

I stood at the edge of the carport, debating the merit of opening my umbrella to traverse the short distance from the house to my car, or making a wild sprint. I decided to use the umbrella, and regretted it immediately when I tried to fold up the gosh-forsaken contraption after sitting down. Since it was raining buckets, the left side of my body was pretty rain-spattered, as well as the inside of the door and the seat. Nothing like the smell of wet upholstery  on a drenched, humid day.

The workout was worth it, though. Huzzah!

On Saturday, I went on a freak cleaning binge. I emptied out the three boxes of random-ness that have been sitting in my closet since we moved here almost 5 months ago and organized everything by category. Took me four hours to get everything sorted out. I’m missing a dumbbell from my collection. I have a feeling my mom is using it to prop something up, somewhere.

Today, I woke up to pray Fajr and was surprised at how sore my legs were. I guess the four hours of manual labor had something to do with it.

I went for Project Downtown this morning, and brought my mom’s hot water heater and some tea things. I made doodh-patti (milk tea) and everyone loved it! We actually ran out. While I was heating up the water and debating how much milk and sugar to put I kept praying, “Please be good tea, please be good tea!” and it so WAS!

People kept asking, “Is that coffee?”

“No, it’s tea.”


“No, tea.”

Some people were skeptical at first, but soon were won over. Some of ’em poked some good-hearted fun and said, “Oh, tea!” with a mock-English lilt.

It was perfect for this burst of cold weather we’ve been having. It was 40 degrees this morning!

Chai, yo. That’s how we roll.


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