Business Card – Final Draft (no, not the screenwriting program)

Blimey. I think I have it, Watson.

I miraculously found the opacity adjustment (under “Transparency”) and the polygon shape list…thingy. My aunt also wanted a map of the world in the background. So, there you have it.


2 thoughts on “Business Card – Final Draft (no, not the screenwriting program)”

  1. That’s some cool designing.
    From the book I mentioned in that other post, I see you have good contrast with the “script” text along with the all-caps “sanserif” (I hope I got those right).

    Looks nice MashaAllah.
    (Oh yeah, and for designing opensource, I’d recommend GIMP. I tried it and, after a few first tries with it, it really does have potential. Just have to get over the interface and it’s good. Haven’t tried OpenOffice Draw, but I think gimp would be better for a project like this).

    1. thanks jawaad. I downloaded GIMP a while ago but I didn’t have the patience to get over the interface. it languished on my hard drive for a year before i deleted it a few months ago. maybe i should give it another chance. i do have access to photoshop at work, alhamdulillah, but when i’m at home it’ll be good to have a program i can play around in.

      and yes, you got that right. sans literally means “without” and serif = “angled lines” 🙂

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