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Horseback Riding and Beach Running

Yesterday, I went horseback riding in the morning, and running on the beach in the afternoon.  A series of curious anomalies transpired in order for these two events to occur within a 12 hour period.

This morning, I did 8 Minute Abs, learned a ton of Urdu from my aunt (my brain is about to ‘plode) and then went walking with her in the neighborhood after maghrib prayer.

That being said, I feel first-class.

There have also been babiessss. Well, one baby. Who I have fallen in love with. Who knew the man of my dreams would be so…scrunchy-faced. And hopelessly adorable.

Also, I am horribly unprepared for the Al-Maghrib exam. I still need to finish reading the 202 page study guide…I’m only on page 30. Chop, chop.


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