The Muslim Orange

I <3 NPR.

Can I just say one thing? I heart NPR. I feel so evolved and cultured and INFORMED when I listen to it. It’s the only good thing on the radio in Florida.

I listened to this while waiting for the bank to open:
Progressives Ask: Is It Obama, Or Is It Us?

Letter From Priests’ Lovers Reignites Celibacy Debate

Maternal Health Tops Development Agenda (one of my favorites)

I listened to this on my way to school:
‘The New Marijuana’: From Back Alleys To Main Street

Judge Recusals May Hinder Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuits

I listened to this on my way home:

With Brain Injuries, Soldiers Face Battle For Care (heart-wrenching)

Hounded By Doubt, Dogged Owners Probe A Mystery

There were a lot more that came on but I got tired of formatting the links. I spend a lot of time in my car, wow. I think switching all my presents to 90.7 will aid in my epic battle against the Muzak.


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