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Last Day :(

Today is the last day of the Bayyinah tajweed class with Brother Wisam Sharieff. I’m really sad. All good things must come to an end but insha Allah I will continue to keep up with what I have learned. So many rules that I faintly remembered or had never learned and everything makes so much sense now when I recite. I finally know why a letter is pronounced a certain way when combined with another letter, and so on.

I’m gonna miss this class. 😦

The Muslim Orange

Junk Food Prevention Techniques.

There’s a lot of junk food out there. It’s sugary and sweet and everything not nice. One thing I have noticed is that it becomes easier to avoid it not by cutting it out on its own, but by bringing in another action that has natural vice-killing strategies.

Some techniques:

  • Exercise

It’s like getting that first paycheck and saying, “Golly-gee-wiz! All that work and this is what I get? This is it?”  Then you finally understand why your parents have grey hair, because you don’t understand the basic value of a dollar and also, you’re a pain in the rear.

When you’re (initially) clomping away on the treadmill, watching those calories tick by you start thinking…”Wow, this sucks. All this for a few seconds of indulgence? This is hard!

Then as you reach the 100s (of calories burned), and then 200s…maybe 300s and if you’re pushing it 400s…you start thinking, “I’m not letting anything take this away from me.”

When you go home that evening, you will very likely, extremely likely NOT EAT JUNK. Because that was some hard-earned calorie burn and you’re not just gonna squander it and spend it all in one place. It’s easy to spend your parent’s income but your own? Child, you gonna count every penny.

  • Look up the ingredients

Just glance at all the unpronounceable ingredients, get yourself to Wiki, and read up on just what you’re about to put in your body. (Or you can watch a slideshow.) Do this when you’re in a good mood because when you’re down you’re not going to care a flying fish about what is or isn’t in it.

  • Go to a Quran class

Seriously. Who said junk food was just what you ate? I’ve personally been unable to turn on the radio in my car because I’m thinking…I have Quran class in 4 hours. How can I sit there with song lyrics buzzing in my ears trying to learn how to recite the book of God?

  • IN CONCLUSION: The way to subtract is to add.

You could attempt to peel off a disliked layer of paint from your walls. Flake by painstaking flake. Or you could just add a new splash of color on top and effectively erase that dishwater grey. It’s difficult to cut things out and deal with the vacuum the loss leaves behind. It’s much easier to add positive actions to your life, and you’ll feel better being on the offense than defense.

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Maybe if I just start bulleting things, this will eventually turn into an actual post.

  • House three doors down from us caught on fire. Neighborhood was flooded with fire trucks, a couple of ambulances, and about a dozen police cars, including one undercover car. It was (to me, at least) a ridiculous amount of law enforcement and emergency personnel, but hey, I’d rather they go overkill than underkill on something as serious as the house about 40 feet away from me being burnt to a crisp. It seemed like they brought it under control rather quickly, alhamdulillah. They broke the front windows and while thick black smoke was escaping I could see tendrils of flame licking at the edges of the window. It was pretty scary, yet I’m almost ashamed to admit it was exciting too. All the neighbors had come out to watch and there was a carnival-like atmosphere in the neighborhood. That was the first time I saw so many of my neighbors outside at the same time.
  • Started attended Br. Wisam Sharieff’s Essentials of Tajweed Class. I was wavering about whether or not to commit, but I decided to finally take the plunge. If I can spend the same amount of money on outwardly adornments, then I can spend the same amount of money dedicating myself to adorning the Quran I recite with it’s proper recitation. Also, the class? Is “AWESOME.” If you’re attending, you’ll get it. 🙂 Either way, it’s awesome.
  • On my way back from class tonight, it seems like a little hitchhiker crept into my car in the form of a spider. It wasn’t that big but dang it had some junk in the trunk. I first noticed it right when I was getting on the highway. It crawled across my windshield. For a moment I thought (hoped, prayed) that maybe it was outside. It was crawling along at far too sedate a pace for it to be outside, as it would have been ripped from the windshield, the speed I was going at. I had been reading Quran to myself right before the spider entered my sight, and stopped because I felt satisfied. I started up again feverishly, no longer satisfied, because there was a spider 3 INCHES FROM MY FACE. Ya Allah don’t let it come near meeeee! I thought. Yes, I was silently freakin’ out. Going 65 mph with an arachnid passenger. Good Lord. Believe it or not I calmed down and forgot about it because it crept out of my sight. It’s still probably lurking in my car. Drinking my stale, 2 day old coffee. Turning into a superbug. Muahahaha.
  • My cat is really a dog trapped in a feline’s body. This child just follows me around like I’ve got a salmon steak tied to my ankles.

That’s all. Yay I wrote something!

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Can’t believe it.

I really can’t believe this, but without stressing about it at all, I am now only 10 lbs away from my goal weight. Just the simple combination of work, school, and walking every-freakin-where has been enough to slide the pounds right off. Oh, and the pescetarian diet (I’ve realized fish isn’t a vegetable) has been doing wonders as well…so cool!

I deactivated facebook again! I missed not having it, hah. This morning in the hour I normally would’ve spent mindlessly surfing facebook…I worked out instead! I went for a walk and worked in some jogging and flat out running. Then I did abs. It felt so good. The best feeling is getting that all in before breakfast. 🙂

Working as a captionist at UCF has been…really, really sweet. Alhamdulillah it’s such a rewarding job and so stress-free. I don’t have to take work home with me and my co-workers are great. School has been going very well, too. I think I’m finding my groove, finally. Insha Allah it will continue.

I just recently jumped on the World Cup bandwagon, because all my Muslim classmates have been watching it in the sports lounge in the student union. I love the sense of community we’ve built more than the actual games though, which is pretty much the reason I go! It’s a lot of fun.

Oh, those classes I was stressing about? I passed, and did rather well. 🙂