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Irretrievably Broken

I feel sick to my stomach.

Why is it that we Muslim women are considered sweet nice girls when we act as doormats and when we finally stand up for our rights are considered manipulative and sneaky and deserving of some heart-felt duaa (supplication) for “guidance”?

Every single speaker at every one of these “Women in Islam” lectures that I’ve been to over the years waxes lyricism about all the beautiful rights guaranteed to Muslim women in every sphere of life. When will we wake up and realize that these rights don’t always come easy?  That it takes a little elbow grease and if it comes to that…then a little “physical therapy.”

How can someone, as an Imam, as a community leader, sit there and listen to the woman who finally cries out that she is being oppressed, and presents her case, and then let friendship override justice? Where are the rights now?

Our system is broken unless we fix it. Everyone keeps telling me don’t bother with these Imams and “mullahs,” just go directly to the court. I had hope but now that hope is dwindling.

When are we going to realize that we gain nothing and lose everything by not enforcing the court of Allah and perpetuating the cycle of oppression in our communities?

How sad it is, that we have to file domestic violence injunctions and arrange court hearings and then, only then, under threat of criminal charges in man-made courts, under man-made laws, do we finally see action?

Who is the ultimate judge, God or the human being who sits with a gavel?


3 thoughts on “Irretrievably Broken”

  1. It’s a sad reality. I will say that I’ve seen some imams and religious leaders deal with these situations wonderfully, but there are a lot who simply turn a blind eye like you mention. May Allah make it easier on these sisters.

  2. Very true, much of our community is an old boys’ club where justice and ethics take a backseat to the status quo (often unjust) of (in)convenience and personal preferences.

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