Coping Through Cosmetics

I can’t be alone in this.

When there is a looming deadline or project, or if I’m feeling stressed or down, I enjoy getting dolled up all semi-casual like. I’m sitting here at 8:30 in the morning eating a bowl of oatmeal…and wearing mascara. In a few minutes I’m going to Grooveshark my way to a sickeningly clean room. Then I’m going to do my hair, flip it over my shoulder like I’m allllll that (which is true, for all you ladies too, hard-earned lesson)…and get to work.

I like to feel a little glamorous when I’m working on tough ish. Coping with cosmetics, that’s how I roll.


3 thoughts on “Coping Through Cosmetics”

  1. Make up makes me happy! I always spend a few extra minutes in the morning on it for exam days, especially finals.

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