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Let go.

Time to let go of trivial things. Time to turn my face up to the sky morning and evening to praise and beseech the One who put me here for a reason. Time to emerge from the cocoon of my bed and hit the ground running, literally. Time to let go of what doesn’t matter.

You were here before him. You were able to laugh, smile, talk and breathe before you knew he existed. You’re still here. You’ve honestly been through worse. You’re one tough laddu. You don’t look like one, and you’re not going to, because you know no one is worth that.

You will be okay. You will be okay. God doesn’t abandon the ones He loves. He thinks you’re worth it. You know the people who have it easy in this life? The people who can’t handle anything but fluff. The people who are getting their test at a deferred time. You’re not like the others. God knows you can handle it. God knows you can handle it. He doesn’t put a burden on you greater than you can bear.

He knows you need to be purified. He knows you forget. He knows you need the reminder. Allah wants you to come back to Him.

One day, you’ll be with the one who deserves you. One day, you’ll be with the one who appreciates you. They’ll still be a human.

Until then, you’re gonna be right with the One who made you and made that human being who you want to wake up next to every morning. You’re going to be happy with yourself and content with the decree of the One who is testing you now.