The Muslim Orange


Sorry WordPress friends, no actual post, just exploiting my blog for a massive epic to-do list.

  1. File internship packet for Orlando Sentinel (Spring 2012) and Washington Post (Summer 2012)
  2. Procure letters of recommendation
  3. Meet with group at Panera 10 a.m. for Documentary Workshop
  4. Read assigned reading for Documentary Workshop
  5. Read assigned reading for Metro Reporting
  6. Read assigned reading for Art of Cinema
  7. Complete editing for SDS
  8. Edit article for CFF
  9. Adapt excerpts from Foundations of Production blog into a screenplay
  10. Refresh knowledge of how to write a screenplay
  11. Baby-sit four little girls Saturday
  12. Update resume
  13. Revamp MSA general info flier

TO-DO list for near future:

  1. Scan clips on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper
  2. Write autobiographical essay
  3. Fill out application for WP

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