Things I did in lieu of what I should have done.

later is better for meOf my life, this is the story.

My main goals tonight were to clean, edit, and write a cover letter or two.

What hindered me: There’s an ENTIRE day left of the weekend, called Sunday. (Hello, Sunday! Here so soon vhy?)

What I did:

  1. Took a shower
  2. Perused Facebook while my hair dripped
  3. Decided it would be a great idea to dry my hair and clothe myself
  4. Made coffee.
  5. Debated between soy or almond milk
  6. On a flight of fancy ran to the computer to Google “should men drink soy” even though I am not a man
  7. Prayed *only fistpump of the night*
  8. Whipped up a soy latte with honey, ostensibly as motivation to clean
  9. Drank soy latte whilst browsing Amazon
  10. On a whim added bellydance skirt, jump rope, fitness journal, Tend Skin, skin brush and exfoliating body scrub to cart
  11. Attempted to check out
  12. Old card information prevented successful checkout
  13. Deleted items from cart whilst convincing myself I absolutely did not need any of the above-mentioned items
  14. Straightened my hair
  15. Attempted a side hair parting
  16. A middle hair parting
  17. Hello ponytail
  18. Engaged in slacktivism by sharing Treyvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi hate crime Youtube links and memes
  19. Hung up one shirt
  20. Threw away an empty container of face wipes
  21. Hung up one hijab
  22. Shared a funny cartoon on a friend’s Facebook wall
  23. Wrote a blog entry
  24. Wished for another lightning storm and internet outage

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