Sewardite Swag

The days are beginning to get longer and longer here in Seward. When I first arrived I found myself eating breakfast in pitch black at 9 a.m. but the daylight is devouring the darkness by about six minutes every day. It’s nice. 

We’re supposed to be getting a blizzard but it hasn’t come yet. Maybe the wind will blow it away so it can dump on someone else. 😀

Got a UCF alert on my phone about the Math and Physics building on campus being evacuated due to a suspicious package and felt wistful. Le sigh. 

Sorted out a mix-up at the gym this morning, someone accidentally took my XtraTufs at the gym and I didn’t even realize it until I got home that I was wearing someone else’s shoes. I got a text from the owner, she said he had brought them back and I was reunited this morning. 

Everyone and their mother has a pair of XtraTufs, the staple shoe of Seward. 


Wearing my snowboots today and they’re keeping me toasty warm. 

Here I am at my desk, working. Well, pretending to work. Hey, I work, okay? Sometimes. 


That’s a big bucket of salt. Well, it was. We need more. 


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