The Incidental Diet

I’ve lost four pounds since I came to Alaska. Now when I look in the mirror I’m slowly starting to shift from, “Damn, I need to work on x, y and z” to “Damn, x, y and z are really workin’ for me!” 

I didn’t realize I was gaining weight over the past year until I stopped hearing “Oh hush, you’re so skinny” when I would complain about weight and instead receive encouragement and tips. Jhoooke. Something had to change. 

I think these changes here are attributed to:

  • Walking almost everywhere
  • 30 minutes of exercise in the morning with my editor almost every weekday morning, plus yoga and working out a couple of evenings for about an hour
  • Not driving and not incurring driving-related stress
  • eating less
  • cooking my own meals and having more control over what I eat
  • feeling more in control of my life and not feeling helpless

I think feeling helpless is the biggest hindrance to being healthy. Life just feels like a continuous fall down a flight of stairs that never ends, and we’re resigned to just wince and flail as we bump and bruise our way down. 

It takes real effort for me to say, I’m not going to eat an Oreo cookie. I’m going to open the fridge, take out the spinach, avocados, cucumbers and lemon and make me a salad, dammit. (With a liberal sprinkling of chaat masala, of course)

I have to give a crap about my life, my jaan, my zindagi. That’s what it is. It’s not just about numbers on the scale, it’s being healthy. Healthy means waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep because I dread my life. It means waking up and looking forward to being a productive human being and member of society. 

So! Action items for Orlando, Fla. —

  • Work out for just 30 minutes. Every day. Even if I feel like I can do more, 30 minutes is enough to start with. 
  • Do something awesome and fun every weekend, like stand-up paddle boarding or drive out to Cocoa Beach and go for a run along the shoreline. 
  • Go on the offense with food, packing my own lunches and not falling victim to eating out, food courts, or snack machines
  • Love. Me. I’m so worth it
  • Ride my bike if my destination is within 10 miles of where I reside. Do practice runs and learn more about bike maintenance. 

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I’m inspired. 


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