Sorry WordPress friends, no actual post, just exploiting my blog for a massive epic to-do list. File internship packet for Orlando Sentinel (Spring 2012) and Washington Post (Summer 2012) Procure letters of recommendation Meet with group at Panera 10 a.m. for Documentary Workshop Read assigned reading for Documentary Workshop Read assigned reading for Metro Reporting […]

Directing – Art of Cinema

You can have a director who is a microcontroller. You may have a director who is very reliant on his DP (Director of Photography) As a first time director, you are going to be very reliant on your cinematographer. Everything you see in Citizen Kane was credited to the cinematographer. This relationship can be defined […]

The Hirsute of Happiness: The Care and Feeding of a Single Muslim Woman

I just got divorced today. That being said, let’s talk about marriage. And girly stuff. 😀 It sucks being alone, I get it. The crying yourself to sleep at night, the daydreams of hand-holding and long walks, waking up alone, eating alone, being alone, driving alone. You are awoooone. Got it. Girls, let’s pretend I’m […]

Let go.

Time to let go of trivial things. Time to turn my face up to the sky morning and evening to praise and beseech the One who put me here for a reason. Time to emerge from the cocoon of my bed and hit the ground running, literally. Time to let go of what doesn’t matter. […]