This is life now.

Going to bed at 4 a.m. Waking up an hour, maybe two hours before work if I’m lucky. Staying in my pajamas all weekend because showering signals to my body that it’s time to Go To Work. When I’m at work, I love it. When I’m not, I…don’t? This too shall pass. Everything is scary […]

How to get a job in journalism

It starts when you’re in school. Don’t gossip or rake anyone over the coals, be it fellow students, professors or colleagues.  This program has little ears. That professor you’re talking shit about today? Tomorrow, your career could be in their hands with one click of a mouse or pen stroke. Treat them with respect.  Pay […]

Things I Miss About Florida (in no particular order)

sandhill cranes BABY SANDHILL CRANES OMG my mom my family warm sunshine palm trees the UCF rock climbing wall clean sidewalks flip-flops eyebrow threading Cubans Cuban coffee downtown Vietnam  boba tea español not having to wear a jacket strawberry festival the beach Cady Way Trail the UCF fountain UCF in general chai that my mom […]

I hope you have the chai of your life.

It’s Wednesday morning in Seward.  I’m sipping on chai that has been heated to optimal temperature on the borderline between scalding and palatable while snow falls softly and steadily outside. Hair’s still wet from a shower after a gym workout with the Distinguished Ladies of Seward minus one. Cats are munching on food, living the […]