How to get a job in journalism

It starts when you’re in school.

Don’t gossip or rake anyone over the coals, be it fellow students, professors or colleagues.  This program has little ears. That professor you’re talking shit about today? Tomorrow, your career could be in their hands with one click of a mouse or pen stroke. Treat them with respect. 

Pay attention to posts like these:


Don’t just click the “like” button. Act.


Don’t make any fucking excuses. Shut your mouth, and silently own up to being lazy, unprepared, or a combination of both. Do better next time. 


Intern early, and often. 


You’ll gain valuable experience from actually putting your hands into the fire. You will get burned a few times. Many times. You will feel unprepared and scared. Your first day, your ass will stick to the seat from fear sweat. That’s OK. Push outside of your comfort zone. “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” applies to you, too. 

imagePhoto by Jessica Saggio

Write for the school paper. Even better, work for the school paper.

You will never forget your first byline. God, it’s like seeing your name up in lights. 

 You will disagree and you will call a sergeant a corporal in a headline and there will be names spelled wrong and maybe even your own name spelled wrong. You will make mistakes. Typos will sneak through and you will print corrections. You will apologize. Forgive and be forgiven. 

Write all the time, even when it hurts and you don’t want to. 

Apply for jobs before you graduate. Cry a lot. Pray a lot. Get hired. Dance around the kitchen holding a grumpy cat. 

The day you walk across that stage, your eyes will prick with tears and you’ll wish you could go back and do it all over again. 


Bomb Threat.

So, we had a bomb threat at school a little while ago. I arrived on campus to find the Mall area swarming with cops and yellow police tape. As I walked through the campus I heard bits and pieces, with the rumor being there was a student who had a gun.

Here is what is known so far:



i'm lost

Makes sense now.

Saw two news vans for WFTV last evening while I was leaving UCF. Now I understand why they were there.

This morning in lab one of my classmates mentioned a news reporter attempted to ask her some questions on her way out of her sorority house about an alleged hazing incident. Another girl piped in, saying, “Oh yeah, I heard there were like, 10 guys on this one girl? And then she like, complained?” Lovely.

Less than 24 hours after instituting it, UCF lifted their temporary ban on new pledges. Something about an upcoming “family day.”

I’m so proud of my school.